You send us an inquiry, we select the most suitable manufacturer and within 48 hours they will contact you directly.

Top Partners

The production facilities in China have been our partners for years. You can look forward to a professional collaboration with them.

Free of Charge

How much you do have to pay? Nothing. Both the inquiry and the successful sourcing are completely free of charge for you as our customer.

Sourcing Specialist

We help companies find the ideal manufacturer for their product idea in China. To do this, we rely on our extensive network of professional companies.

25 Years of Experience

For over two decades, we have been working with numerous production facilities in China and we are regularly adding more. Therefore, we have a continually growing portfolio to offer.

Selected Manufacturers

Our network only includes manufacturers we have already worked with and which we are happy to refer you to.

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For medium-sized and large companies

You can rest assured that you can have high expectations of our partners in China. How does it work? They specialize in large batches. This makes material and equipment cost-efficient and the service particularly attractive.

Our partners are official manufacturers for brands such as: